Help with prescriptions and shopping

If you live in Minard area and are self isolating or do not have access to a car to get to the shops, there is help available to collect prescriptions and shopping.

This is a local effort coordinated by volunteers. If you do have access to a car and can travel, please consider helping your neighbours or get in touch to help people you haven’t met yet.

The form below allows you to send us details of what you need and the volunteer coordinators will find someone to travel on your behalf.

You should only expect to pay for the goods. People who are travelling will already be travelling to the shops as this is an essential journey and should not charge for the service. If someone does ask for payment for delivery, please let us know.

    If you do have any questions, please contact

    Brian and Becs Barker 01546 886273

    Liz Feeney 01546 886276

    Margaret Moncur 01546 886252